As Year-End Approaches, Demand for Used Cars to Increase

The Association of Indonesian Automotive Manufacturers said that 661,215 cars were sold in the country in the January-July period. The figure is 6.35% higher than the same period last year. The data shows sales from dealers to customers.

If sales proceed consistently until the end of the year, car sales can surpass 1 million units. This is especially because car sales always show an increasing trend in the second semester—thanks to the many interesting sales promo programs from dealers.

In the second semester, other than new cars, positive trend is also recorded by sellers of used cars. Many people prefer to buy used cars because they're more affordable. The main reason is many used cars still perform well. Moreover, some financial and financing institutions now already offer auto loan facility for used cars.

Moreover, soon The Financial Services Authority (OJK) will issue a revision to POJK number 29/POJK.05/2014 on Financing Company Governance. The point revised was related to the policy of zero down payment for vehicle purchase.

The step was taken to boost multi finance industry. "OJK offers the opportunity to each financing company to make their own policy in implementing the 0% zero payment," OJK Non-Bank Financial Industry Monitoring Executive Head Riswinandi (, August 31).

However, a multi finance company must have a healthy non-performing loan ratio, which is below 1%.

mobil88 President Director Halomoan Fischer said the price of used cars actually depends very much on the condition of new car market, especially in terms of price and promos. Rupiah depreciation against the US dollar, he said, does not really affect the price of used cars.

There is an advantage of buying used cars near the end of the year. First, the price of used cards decreases because many new models are launched. Second, car dealers are setting high sales target.

Also, mobil88 Jakarta Regional Manager Nurfitri Yanuarsyah, also known as Arsyah, said used car purchase process is quick because the administrative affairs do not take as much time as a new car.

Buying with cash can be settled within one day, while with auto loan it takes between two to three working days. "Make sure you prepare all the documents needed if you're going to buy a car using auto loan. As a suggestion, avoid small down payment, because the amount of down payment will be one of the things considered by a leasing company," Arsyah said.

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To know more about SERA business lines, please check this page.