Building value amid tight competition in e-commerce

E-commercedevelopment has made it easier for people to fulfill their needs. Buying fashion items, foods, hobby goods, vouchers, furniture, and even investment can be done without having to go out of the house; it just needs gadget and internet connection.

Statistics Indonesia stated in September 2016 that there were already 256.2 million domestic e-commerce players. This figure increased by 17% in the past 10 years.

No wonder, e-commerce competition gets tighter. Business players can no longer offer only the convenience of online shopping, but they also have to build business value that can make them stand out in the market.

E-commerce sites that specifically engage in fashion, for example, have their own identity and characters that become their added values. From site interface, seller qualifications and quality, to communication method, all are designed to target certain markets.

Several e-commercecompanies even implement material standardization for each garment sold to give premium quality value. They even collaborate with sellers who can fulfill their criteria.

Another example, an e-commerce company known for its red color stated that they keep developing marketing strategy. They performed differentiation that was deemed unique and popular. Communication style was made with anti-mainstream concept and they avoid using celebrities with exceedingly high fee.

"Marketing cost can be reduced, and the budget used for discount programs," Bayu Syerli Rachmat, the marketing vice president of said e-commerce company, said as quoted from, Monday (March 20, 2017).

Those e-commerce companies also do product development. Currently, they are targeting investment products such as mutual fund and gold.

Meanwhile, there are e-commerce companies that integrate offline and online shopping. This concept is usually used by companies with many branches that are spread quite widely. Therefore, product delivery is faster because it is decentralized.

With these various strategies, e-commerce players are expected to build value to win in this ever-tightening competition. However, the value of an e-commerce business cannot be separated from the support of logistics service.

Goods that are bought online will not arrive by themselves in buyers’ hands. Package delivery vehicles, warehouses, and others play important roles behind the convenience of online shopping.

To fulfill this need, professional service like SELOG, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), offers logistics service. SELOG guarantees that the goods will arrive safely, on time, and without defect in the buyers’ hands.

Moreover, business players can make use of warehouse and yard management service from SELOG. SELOG has Warehouse Management System to track packages continuously from order acceptance, pickup, delivery, until order completion.

E-commerce business can increase its value when all the goods sold can arrive in the customers’ hands quickly, safely, and without defect. You can find the best logistics services for your business in this page.