Strategy to Maintain Company Assets in Optimal Condition

A company will have assets that need to be maintained and kept safe to support the company's operations. Company assets are one of the supporting factors that keep the business running.

Therefore, the company needs pay more attention on assets such as buildings, vehicles, lands, and daily equipment to support employees’ operational needs.

There are several steps that must be done by a company in order to maintain assets in optimal condition. These steps are not only about maintenance, but also planning and management of usage.


It would be better for a company to plan the purchase and maintenance of assets at the end of the year for next year's usage. This asset planning is very crucial because it is related to company's budget.

By doing asset planning, company can avoid excessive purchase. A directed planning is a preventive effort to ensure that the assets will be used optimally.

Private assets vs. company assets

Separating private assets and company assets is important to maintain company's cash flow. Also, careful and separated records will make it easier to manage tax affairs. 

If the records are mixed, it will be complicated when the company goes bankrupt. It will be hard if private assets get confiscated to pay the company's debts because they are not recorded separately in the planning and management.


In doing business, all kinds of business are facing uncertainty. To prevent things that are out of control from impacting the assets, it is important for the company to insure important assets. 

Insurance on company assets will help the company when the situation is precarious. For example, the operational car gets damaged, the building gets caught on fire, or other unexpected disasters. With insurance, company can reduce losses so that asset value can be salvaged.


Company assets in the form of tangible objects have their own useful life. In asset management, usually there is depreciation.

A number of companies also have particular standards in managing assets. If an asset runs out of its useful life, the company will sell it then replace it with a new one. It is considered more profitable because it has less risks in maintenance cost. 

For this need, company can choose to sell the asset through auction in a trusted auction house. This strategy will make the asset sell more quickly for a more favorable price. 

Company can consign assets such as vehicles, heavy machinery, and gadgets to IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi which is a business unit of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). As a trusted auction house, IBID has received permit from Indonesia's Finance Ministry State Asset Management Directorate General No. 23/KM.6/Juni 2007.

Moreover, IBID has managed auction according to Astra's standards. IBID's auction system is managed professionally so that consignors and bidders do not have to worry in using IBID’s services. 

The security and information accuracy of the lot are guaranteed. The legality of transaction process is also ensured. Sales value of the lot will be optimized to reach the best price with a quick and simple auction process.

For companies, selling assets through auction is more beneficial because buyers come from various backgrounds, both companies and individuals, so the possibility of finding a buyer is much higher.

It is hoped that the value of the company assets can be maintained after sales without difficult process. Selling a company asset when its useful life has run out will be easier and more beneficial through auction.Company can then plan to buy new assets.