Positive Effects of Odd-Even Policy in Several Toll Roads

The odd-even license plate policy has begun to be in effect at the toll roads of Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi (Jagorawi), Jakarta-Tangerang (Janger), and Jakarta-Cikampek (Japek). The policy is still on trial in several other toll roads.

The West and East Bekasi tollgates, for instance, began implementing the odd-even policy on March 12, 2018. Meanwhile, the trial at Jagorawi toll road started on April 16, 2018, in Cibubur 2 tollgate.

For the Janger toll road, the trial is held in Tangerang 2 and Kunciran 2 tollgates at the same time with Jagorawi toll road. The rules on the two toll roads are the same: the policy applies from 06:00—09:00 WIB on weekdays, except on public holidays.

In the odd-even policy, cars whose license plates end in even and odd number are only allowed to pass through tollgates on even-and odd-numbered dates, respectively.

The policy was initiated by the Transportation Ministry through the Greater Jakarta Transportation Body (BPTJ). It is meant to reduce the number of cars going to Jakarta during certain period.

The odd-even policy is in effect at Japek toll road only temporarily, until the three ongoing National Strategic Projects in areas near the toll road are completed.

The projects are Jakarta-Cikampek II elevated toll road, Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train railway, and Light Rail Transit (LRT). The projects are scheduled to finish in 2019.

The odd-even policy is thus implemented so that drivers will experience less trouble from the three projects. The government also put restrictions on three-axle trucks.

This is because traffic is already very heavy now. Cars can only creep at 20 km/hour, when in normal conditions, they can speed by at 60 km/hour.

"This speed of 20 km/hour is not normal. We at least want to return the condition to normal. Not to mention overloaded trucks that cannot go up to their maximum speed when they usually can speed up to 80 km/hour. This causes headway to almost hit its smallest figure possible," Transportation Ministry Land Transportation Director General Budi Setyadi said, as quoted by CNN Indonesia, Saturday (February 24).

According to Budi, as toll road and LRT projects progress, we will see less mobilization of materials. When that happens, the directorate general can recommend the lifting of odd-even policy on Japek toll road.

Fuel saving

On the other hand, it turns out that the ongoing odd-even policy at the three toll roads is positively impacting the economy. BPTJ recorded that the policy helps saving up to Rp500 billion worth of fuel every day.

This was revealed by BPTJ Head Bambang Prihartono in the evaluation of the odd-even policy in Cikupa Mas, Tangerang regency (April 19). Therefore, Bambang revealed that there’s a plan to extend the implementation of the policy to some other toll roads.

The policy is of course expected to ease traffic congestion that commonly occurs until now. Drivers should not worry because they can find ways to avoid the policy.

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