Let’s reduce emission to save Earth’s future

The Earth with its biodiversity runs natural processes that support the survival of living organisms, including human. However, as human’s needs increase along with development, air pollution is inevitable.

For instance, motor vehicles’ exhaust gases, produced byincomplete combustion,have caused a rise in carbon monoxide level and air pollution. This is a challenge to tackle, a homework for every country in the world, including Indonesia.

“Thus, a program is neededto control air pollution from motor vehicles,” Jakarta Environment Office Head IsnawaAdji said, as cited on Sunday (December 17, 2017).

In this case, his office expects vehicle owners who renew their vehicle ownership document or pay motor vehicle taxes to fulfill a pre-requirement, which is to pass the emission test. This policy is expected to reduce pollution level and improve life quality.

In line with this issue, Indonesia is improving vehicle emission standard. Currently, the standard is Euro II, in accordance with the Environment State Minister Decree Number 141/2003 on Threshold of Exhaust Emission of New Motor Vehicles which is in effect since 2007.

India has even put Euro III and IV emission standards into effect in 2010, while Malaysia has applied Euro IV since 2013.

That’s why, the Indonesian government decided to put Euro IV emission standard into effect for the fuel of motor vehicles from September 2018.

However, are vehicle owners in Indonesia ready? Then how about the people who opt to own used cars, keeping in mind of the opinion that used cars are no longer in a good condition?

Actually, whether a car is used or new, what is needed is basically continuous car maintenance according to the manual.

“Regarding exhaust gases of old vehicles, as long as the engine is well maintained, the emission will be alright too. Including the choice of fuel,” Jakarta Environment Office Laboratory Head DiahRatnaAmbarwati said, as quoted on Saturday (October 21, 2017).

Maintenance is indeed the key for engine performance, including the production of exhaust gases. Therefore, owners of used cars do not have to worry as long as they periodically service their cars.

One of the things to pay attention to is routine service, for instance always changing the lubricants on time for parts like the transmission. Quality also needs to be considered when buying used cars.

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Certainly, having a high-quality car, although a used one, makes us feel safe and comfortable, and at the same time helps saving the future of the Earth both directly and indirectly.