Reason of Increase in LCGC Sales

Low cost green car (LCGC) now is the star of vehicle sales in Indonesia, especially for first-time buyers.

Based on the data by Gaikindo, the LCGC wholesalesfrom January to October 2017were 199,263 cars, increased compared to 184,760 cars last year. This amount is only slightly different from the wholesales of the favorite model in Indonesia, low MPV, which were 206,007 cars in the same period.

Furthermore, the data from JD Power 2017 Indonesia Sales Satisfaction Index (Mass Market) Study shows that as many as 77% first-time buyers fall within LCGC segment.

Of course, price is one of the attractive factors for these first-time buyers. This is due to the Government Regulation No. 41/2013 regarding Luxury Goods Sales Tax (LST) on Motor Vehicles.When the regulation was issued, LCGC was priced at around Rp100 million.

However, still according to the study by JD Power, LCGC customers have higher expectations towarddealerswith overall satisfaction at 818 points on a 1,000-point scalewhen their experience is better than expected, compared to 837 in the non-LCGC group.

"Given that these customers will likely migrate to the higher segments in their ownership cycle, it becomes important for manufacturers and dealers to ensure they understand the profile and needs of these costumers in order to deliver a superior purchase experience,”JD Power Director Kaustav Roy said.

In other words, price factor is one of the considerations for buyers in buying vehicles.

If used car is an option due to price issue and LCGC is the first option, then used LCGC can be the best option.

One important note, though, is to have the seller’s guarantee that the car still functions properly.For example, the car should have never been involved in a crash, since it might affect the chassis and itsstability.

Then, make sure that the carhas never been damaged by flood that could ruin the electrical system. Furthermore, the odometermust not have been tampered with. In addition, the documents must be guaranteed to be authentic so that there will be no issue with the law in the future.

Mobil88, one of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) subsidiaries that deals in the trade of used cars, can guarantee all the previously mentioned aspects. Mobil88 offersbuyback guarantee.

Therefore, the quality of the used LCGC purchased inmobil88store, which is a part of Astra,can be guaranteed, so that the customers can feel safe and comfortable.