How to smartly seek second-hand cars in auction

An auction is a place suitable for people with limited budget to look for second-hand cars. There are various options and the auction process usually starts with very tempting starting price until bids are made.

While buying a car in an auction can be alluring, customers need to be smart. A buyer should understand auction procedures, examine the vehicle condition, and choose a credible auction house.

What are the main considerations when selecting a trusted auction house? Firstly, an auction house should own a venue to display the cars offered in the auction.

Second, there should be a detailed explanation about each car that is being auctioned, so a buyer would not feel like “buying a pig in a poke”. Hence, the purchased car would match the specifications and condition expected by the buyer.

Besides, a buyer should also understand about his or her need of vehicle. For instance, if one wants to buy only one car for personal transportation, make sure that the auctioned car is available for single purchase.

IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi is a vehicle auction house allowing single purchase. Operating under of PT SerasiAutoraya (SERA), which itself is a subsidiary of Astra, IBIDauctions are open for single and group buyers, for single or mass purchase.

“IBID auctions are for anyone. People can also make a single purchase,” Chief Operation Officer IBID, Daddy DoxaManurung said on Wednesday (November 25, 2017).

Those who want to participate in an auction, without any pre-registration, can also survey the auctioned cars, three days before the auction time.

“We conduct an open house three days before the D-day. (Prospective bidders can) observe the condition of the cars, examine their interiors, and even test the engine. During the auction, the cars will drive past or be showcased,” said Daddy DoxaManurung, inviting interested bidders to bring along a mechanic or someone who can help checking the cars.

Apart from that, IBID also provides an information sheet containing assessment of a car’s condition, particularly its engine and body.

“We will inform the pluses and the minuses (on the report sheet),” Daddy Doxa added.

The grading criteria starts from A to E. For instance, a car receiving grades A and B means that it only needs a little fix.

Aside from those conveniences, IBID also has clear regulations. Those who want to participate in the car auction only need to register as a bid participant. By paying Rp5 million, a participant will receive a Bid Participant Number (NPL) to bid for a car.

The money will be refunded 100% if the bidder does not win the auction. Meanwhile, if winning the auction, the bidder only needs to pay the rest of the price. For example, if the car is priced Rp100 million, the buyer only needs to transfer Rp95 million.